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This casino game has a glitch! Become instant rich by finding it! Slotmania is the WILDEST collection of free slots casino games around – do you think you can beat the bank? Find out now!
This game is a whole new level of the furiously fast, enchantingly charming gameplay that made the original title an award-winning hit. Defend exotic lands from monsters of the underworld.
Do you wanna get to know some facts that will freak you out? Do you want to make a thrilling experience while reading about the Top 10 creepy creatures of the deep? Then check out this app!
Match and quest monsters in a fun gameplay to complete the mission goals. This game has a beautiful and cute game style, ideal for kids to play with their families anytime and anywhere!
Zombie Apocalypse has come! The end is near? Nah, not even close! Because you’re here, with your skills and weapons! Try it out now and show us your skills. Available for iOS only!
The answer to life, the universe and everything … 42! Combine fields to get 42! Swipe to combine the numbers fast for more extra time and a higher score. Fun and addictive math puzzle game!
Learning and playing chess has never been so easy! Play against our self-developed artificial intelligence or against your friends! Watch other games and learn from the moves you play.
Plan your everyday life and protect your information. The Crypto Scheduler app encrypts your calendar entries and only allows you or your loved ones to access the stored information.
Scan your documents and hide encrypted messages. Steganography on iPhone has never been easier. Send and receive scans and encrypt or decrypt the hidden information.
Volley! This Latin app includes a shape analysis, a dictionary, a translator, favorites, memory aids and much more!

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